Richard Trèfle or the "Made In Guadeloupe" glasses

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Richard Trèfle or the "Made In Guadeloupe" glasses

Can we produce locally? Consuming locally and selling our products outside our borders? Yes, it’s the crazy bet of Richard Trèfle, a young eyewear designer who decided to work for the local economy. The name of her company: “BELLATRIX”, created a year ago, she offers glasses “Made In Guadeloupe”.

The first time we heard about Richard Trèfle was in early September. The young entrepreneur presented his project and praised his glasses “made in Guadeloupe”. The idea of producing glasses in the archipelago, then selling them on the local and national market, had pleased us, because the young company based in Baie-Mahault in Guadeloupe, had joined the club of exceptional eyewear designers, since each piece is unique, by its design and made entirely by hand.

The idea of an interview was coming up, but we didn’t know when, but especially where it would happen.

Then, on September 23rd, there was Silmo, the world’s leading optical exhibition at the Parc des expositions in Villepinte, in the Paris region, which, as its name suggests, is a show bringing together optical professionals who, for three days, present their creations and evoke the latest trends. It was the perfect opportunity for us who were visiting Paris to discover the BELLATRIX models and to discuss with this extraordinary entrepreneur, who provides exceptional work.

It was on his booth that he welcomed us.

TheLinkFwi: Richard Trèfle hello, thank you for having TheLinkFwi on your booth, despite the crowds you wanted to answer our questions.

Richard Trèfle: It’s my pleasure. I hope there will not be too much noise, because, as you can see, there are a lot of people there. The Slimo attracts professionals from all over the world and the public comes to discover the latest trends in optics. This is our first time.

TheLinkFwi: Before you start, can you introduce yourself, talk about your professional background, your background in the field of eyeglass design?

R.T.: TREFLE Richard, I am 35 years old, I am the Creator of the Eyewear. I studied electrical engineering and then for almost 15 years, I have been working in the field of optics, first as an assembler in a chain of optical stores, then as a workshop manager at an independent optician who had 6 stores in Guadeloupe.

TLFWI: For our readers, what is an eyewear designer?

R.T.: It’s simple, it’s a person who designs, manufactures or sells glasses.

TLFWI: Precisely who or what made you want to become an eyewear designer?

R.T: I wanted to bring a new breath to the eyewear with shapes and colors

different. I have followed training courses with the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunettiers and they

pushed me to get started when I saw the quality of my work and my creativity. I wanted to

create my own company and live from my profession which is also my passion. I love to create, I love to create

to touch and work on the material.

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